Best Monitor Platform for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can become a messy place if not monitored and taken care of. The sheer volume of products and platforms connected through it can sometimes become overwhelming. Therefore, it’s vital that one maintain a monitor platform that can help keep track of all interactions between these products and platforms.

JFrog Connect is one such monitor platform. It’s largely considered to be one of the best options for IoT for a large number of reasons, which shall be discussed later.

What is JFrog Connect?

JFrog Connect is a software that functions as a service platform, providing one place to monitor and manage smart products of any kind as long as they communicate through the internet. This means that, with the help of JFrog Connect, one can communicate with anything from smart coffee machines to TVs and other industrial products.

JFrog Connect is an excellent choice for embedded Linux monitoring and RTOS based products. One can monitor their entire product fleet with this software and receive alerts on issues without delay.

Why Choose JFrog Connect?

There are many great reasons why one should consider JFrog Connect for IoT monitoring, including the following:

Receive data from your edge devices

JFrog Connect allows users to use its Application Monitor tool to send data from their edge IoT and Linux devices directly to the platform’s dashboard. The process is quick and simple, which is one of the reasons why JFrog Connect has gained so much popularity. It enables edge device monitoring in real-time. The fact that one can excel at edge device management using just one software, which, in this case, is JFrog Connect, has led to many people joining the platform.

Allows for Linux OTA update

JFrog Connect enables its users to deploy an OTA software update across multiple devices in one go. There is no hassle associated with the method, and even those who have never performed a Linux OTA update can do so with ease.

Easy Product Management

Thanks to JFrog Connect, one can easily manage all of their products under the umbrella of one platform. Users of JFrog Connect are equipped with an easy-to-access dashboard and set of tools that can help them with this.


JFrog Connect is definitely the best monitor platform for IoT device management for a number of reasons, as seen above. With the help of this software, one can easily handle all the smart devices they use through one simple platform.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.