AWS IoT & Azure IoT vs JFrog Connect Linux device management platform

In this post, we will explain the main differences between Amazon AWS & Azure IoT platform and JFrog Connect Linux device management platform. AWS IoT platform is a well-known platform for IoT and embedded devices. In most of the cases, the AWS IoT is more suitable for Real-Time operating systems product-based.

AWS IoT or Azure IoT platform is less suitable for Linux based product. If for example, we would like to remotely access – SSH, to one of our devices that is in the field right now, to check or debug the current running code or maybe to have a better understanding of the running processes, we will have to find other platforms – like JFrog Connect.

AWS IoT and Azure IoT has been built for RTOS systems, and don’t have the right tools to manage and control more powerful – Linux based products.

Remote Control Raspberry Pi with JFrog Connect platform

That’s just one important feature that we want to have. But, there are many other features that we should have when we want to make sure that our Linux based devices working as we want them to. at JFrog Connect we designed and developed the most important and relevant features for a remote device management platform specifically for Linux based products that run any type of Linux OS (Yocto based, Debian, Ubuntu, etc..).

Let’s take a look at the Micro-Update technology, a smart lightweight Over-The-Air software update method which came to replace the old and not agile solution of deploying a full image that includes the whole OS and can take hours of deployment on each device. Using the new “DevOp” way of Micro-updates, we can change and deploy even 1 line of code, that, of course, give us the opportunity to deploy small software changes as much as needed, at any moment and with monitoring mechanism that makes sure nothing goes wrong.

Lastly, Device management should run as a “side” tool that helps us maintain devices easily.

JFrog Connect Integration is by far the best fast-secure way. In 60 seconds we will Register any Linux based device, like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black or any other Linux board. Then, start deploying Micro-updates and remotely control from anywhere in the world.

Looking for a device management platform for Linux based product? checkout JFrog Connect platform. It’s completely free for the first 3 devices!

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.