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Zohar Sacks

JFrog Senior Director of Product

Zohar Sacks, Senior Director of Product at JFrog, brings more than 20 years of experience in distributed systems, Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, building products at scale, hiring top talent, and growing teams in-house and distributed worldwide. Zohar has held leadership roles of several corporate innovation efforts from pitch to execution and integration with large-scale customers, reaching $100M in sales and impacting millions of consumers across industries. Zohar brings hands-on experience in technology, development management, product management, software architecture, customer-facing (both pre-sale and post-sale), and public speaking. Before joining JFrog, Zohar was the VP R&D of Zesty, an AI-powered Cloud Cost Optimization startup and led the maturation of the AI/ML-based product to support hundreds of customers. Zohar was also CTO/Co-Founder of Disco, a revolutionary distributed computing startup serving distributed compute tools to the AI/ML market and beyond.

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    With Gartner estimating that over 90% of newly created business software applications will contain ML models or services by 2027, it is evident that the open source ML revolution is well underway. By adopting the right MLOps processes and leveraging the lessons learned from the DevOps revolution, organizations can navigate the open source and proprietary…

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  • Evolving ML Model Versioning

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    TL;DR: JFrog’s ML Model Management capabilities, which help bridge the gap between AI/ML model development and DevSecOps, are now Generally Available and come with a new approach to versioning models that benefit Data Scientists and DevOps Engineers alike.  Model versioning can be a frustrating process with many considerations when taking models from Data Science to…

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