Shailendra Dhamankar

JFrog Senior Product Manager

Shailendra was part of the Partner Engineering team at JFrog and  based out of Seattle, WA. He drove a team of talented Engineers to build the right integrations with JFrog Partners that help extend the JFrog platform and deliver value to JFrog customers. He leverages 13+ years of experience in Product Management and Product Marketing and has a history of both shipping and evangelizing quality B2B and B2C products. When he’s not doing the above duties for JFrog, you can find him running or biking on trails in the Pacific Northwest.

The Latest From Shailendra Dhamankar

  • Improve Cloud Visibility with JFrog’s SaaS Log Streamer

    | 5 min read

    The beauty of deploying SaaS-based applications is that you don’t have to worry about building the infrastructure, hiring engineers to maintain it, staying on top of upgrades or worry about application security. Indeed, these are some of the main benefits you get by using a SaaS offering. However, the world of software is full of…

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