Noam Shemesh

Noam Shemesh

JFrog Senior Software Architect

Noam has over 15 years in tech, currently at JFrog as CTO Office Architect. Noam experience involved also software architecture, development and leadership positions. Noam loves experiencing technologies from frontend to operating systems and optimizing everything from distributed multi-nodes to a single query.

The Latest From Noam Shemesh

  • How We Improved Our DB Sync Performance | JFrog Xray

    | 5 min read

    TL;DR We all want to develop everything super fast. So, when something like a “simple” database sync process takes ages, we need to think outside the box. Here are the solutions we implemented, in JFrog Xray, to improve our DB performance, reducing the sync time from 16 hours to 2 hours! What is JFrog Xray …

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