The DevOps movement has paved the way for CI/CD and streamlined application delivery and release orchestration. These nuanced methodologies have not only increased the scale and speed at which we release software, but also redistributed responsibilities onto the developer and led to innovation and automation throughout the SDLC.

This report covers:

  1. Software Delivery Practices and Metrics
  2. Continuous Delivery Adoption
  3. Automated vs. Manual Deployment Processes
  4. Case Study: Seamless Migration to the Cloud
  5. Beginner’s Guide to Infrastructure as Code
  6. Shift-Left: A Developer’s Pipe(line) Dream?
  7. How to Build an Effective CI/CD Pipeline
  8. Dev vs. Ops
  9. Source Code Management for GitOps and CI/CD
  10. CI/CD for Data Science and Machine Learning
  11. A Deep Dive Into AIOps and MLOps
  12. Diving Deeper Into DevOps and CI/CD
JFrog is a proud co-sponsor with Microsoft Azure of DZone’s 2023 DevOps: CI/CD, Application Delivery, and Release Orchestration Trend Report which explores the derivatives of DevOps.