S3 Object Storage

Artifactory’s use of your local filestore is great for most organizations. However, once your usage grows to the dimensions of an enterprise, you may find yourself having to initialize new file storage devices. Each time this happens, you may spend hours or days setting up hardware, copying and synchronizing data, testing it and then having to administer the whole setup. To avoid such scenarios, enterprises that deal with large quantities of data are moving to distributed file systems on the cloud. Artifactory supports a several cloud storage providers, including any S3 object storage provider through support for the S3 API allowing you to manage your binaries seamlessly on the cloud (requires an Enterprise license). This presents all the benefits of cloud storage systems built into Artifactory.

Unlimited scalability.

Since your files are now stored on on the cloud, this means that the Artifactory filestore is scalable and effectively unlimited (to the extent offered by your S3 provider). You may freely continue to upload without ever having to worry about installing, setting up and  maintaining any new hardware.


Your files remain under the same security and authentication mechanisms provided by your S3 provider.

Disaster recovery

Since your files are now replicated within a distributed file system, they are shielded from any disaster that may occur in any one region.

Use any S3 object storage provider

You may use any object storage provider such as Ceph, Swift and others.

With support for S3, Artifactory can seamlessly grow with your enterprise as much as needed.