Repository Replication

Artifactory provides you with Local Repositories in which to place binaries you want to share with your colleagues and with other teams. But what if you want to share your binaries with colleagues who are in geographically remote sites of your organization.

Artifactory supports replication of your repositories to another instance of Artifactory which is outside of your local network. Replicated repositories are automatically synchronized with their source periodically, so that your artifacts can be made available to different teams wherever they may be located around the world. Two types of replication are supported: “Push” and “Pull”.

In Push Replication, a local repository can actively push content to another local repository to a remote instance of Artifactory. This is ideal for situations where you can only make an outgoing connection to the remote server, such as when pushing artifacts to a cloud instance. Enterprise customers can even replicate a single repository to multiple target sites simultaneously.

In Pull Replication, a remote repository can actively pull content from another repository (local, remote or virtual) on a remote instance of Artifactory. This provides a convenient way to proactively populate a remote cache.