LDAP and Active Directory

Artifactory supports authenticating users against an LDAP server out-of-the-box allowing you to leverage your existing organizational structure to manage group-based permissions. Unlike many LDAP integrations, Artifactory uses extremely fast caching mechanisms for quick authentication, and supports static, dynamic and hierarchical mapping strategies. Powerful management is accomplished with multiple switchable LDAP settings and visual feedback about the up-to-date status of groups and users coming from LDAP. Once configured, Artifactory synchronizes with your LDAP groups and becomes aware of of external groups to which authenticated users belong.  For every LDAP user, Artifactory creates a new user internally, and automatically assigns that user to the default groups. Once logged-in, users are automatically associated with the corresponding LDAP groups and inherit group-based permissions managed in Artifactory. In a similar way, Artifactory supports integration with an Active Directory server to authenticate users and synchronize groups.

Whether using LDAP or Active Directory, Artifactory first attempts to authenticate the user against the corresponding server. If the authentication fails, Artifactory tries to authenticate the user via its internal database.