Kubernetes has become the de facto leading orchestration tool in the market and not only for technology companies but for all companies as it allows you to quickly and predictably deploy your applications, scale them on the fly, seamlessly roll out new features while efficiently utilizing your hardware resources.
This white paper reviews the complexity and the challenges facing companies wanting to adopt Kubernetes as their container orchestration tool. We hope that the lessons learned, best practices, and tips we provide will help get you up and running on your voyage to Kubernetes.

Read this white paper to learn more about the best practices for taking your containers all the way to production in Kubernetes, including:


  • Getting Your Application Ready for Kubernetes
  • Gaining Flexibility and Universality in Kubernetes
  • Automating Deployment to Kubernetes
  • Building Reliable and Scalable Environments in Kubernetes
  • Visibility and Security: Protecting Your Apps in Kubernetes
  • Logging, Monitoring and Debugging Your Apps in Kubernetes
  • Deploying Your App to Production in Kubernetes