IDC Infographic: Accelerate Trusted Software Distribution, Everywhere

Software distribution is a critical part of your delivery process. Once applications are developed, software binaries (artifacts) need to be securely and reliably distributed to the next stage in your SDLC or to the last mile of deployment to production – across vastly distributed, complex runtime environments and infrastructure ‘edges’.

Modern delivery trends — such as rapid development and deployment, releasing software across large-scale infrastructure and edge/IoT devices, and increased adoption of cloud-native apps — all slow down distribution due to network utilization, security, and complex topologies’ overhead.

Distribution speed impacts delivery speed and failure to address distribution bottlenecks is a major risk to businesses.

Download this infographic from research firm IDC to discover:

  • What is software distribution
  • What are the key consumption points for binaries and Bill of Materials (BOM) in your distribution process
  • What are the new challenges with trusted distribution at scale
  • How the exponential growth in Edge infrastructure and “things”, as well as the adoption of cloud-native, change software distribution requirements
  • Critical guidance for enterprises to meet future needs and overcome the bottlenecks in modern application delivery

* IDC Infographic, sponsored by JFrog, Trusted Software Distribution, doc #US46977520 December 2020.

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Accelerating Artifacts Distribution Across Repositories and Runtime Environments

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