Customer Success Story: Investment Management Services

JFrog Accelerates Cloud-Native Development in Financial Services



This Fortune 500 investment management company is one of the largest mutual fund companies in the U.S., with trillions of assets under administration. The firm offers financial products and services to more than 40 million individuals, manages employee benefit programs for nearly 23,000 businesses, and supports thousands of advisory firms with innovative investment and technology solutions. The company’s global presence spans nine other countries across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


The company was ready to make a significant investment in technology to foster digital transformation to enable the next-gen set of digital experiences for their customers. Like most developers, this company’s teams rely on open source software to deliver value quickly, but vulnerable packages can introduce risks. “Security is central to our entire cloud strategy. The most important thing is our customer’s safety and to honor their trust.”

The company requires a platform that can help accelerate cloud-native development and establish security standards and best practices that enable teams to deliver innovation with safety and compliance.


The company relies on Artifactory as the single source of truth, for its over 4,600 internal and external applications that result in more than 10,000 artifacts deployed on a weekly-to monthly basis. “Having Artifactory as that source of truth at the binary level ensures that we can always rely on what’s in production.”

With all artifacts stored centrally in Artifactory repositories, Xray continuously scans the company’s applications to make sure their entire software supply chain is secure and compliant with external industry standards and the firm’s internal security audit and risk controls. “If every team had to do that manually, artifact by artifact, we wouldn’t be delivering any value to our customers.”

Multi-site teams seamlessly share artifacts through Artifactory-federated repositories hosted in the company’s regional data centers. Artifactory in multiple AWS cloud regions receives validated applications ready for global deployment. Each cloud region dynamically spins up/down Artifactory instances (through customized JFrog Helm charts, Ansible, and Terraform) to scale horizontally for periods of high demand.

JFrog enables this company to accelerate the delivery of new capabilities and to “ensure we have that reliability, that resiliency so we can always be there for our customers.”

“Entrusting compliance to the JFrog Platform is a core and critical ability to ensure we can maintain our accelerationIf JFrog is not available, then our systems are down and our customers may not be able to access the systems they require.”

Director, Tools and Platforms, a Fortune 500 Investment Management Services Company


Investment Management Service


  • Execute on an enterprise cloud platform strategy
  • Accelerate delivery of new capabilities
  • Provide access to innovation
  • Establish standards and automatic software updates to align with security best practices
  • Drive financial accountability through robust FinOps practice
  • Deliver value to customers and for the company


  • Efficiency through common architecture and standards
  • Automation of development pipelines
  • Increased stability and controlled risk through production support model
  • Financial accountability and effective resource utilization
  • Unified focus brings improved productivity and collaboration
  • Manage content security policy dependencies and vendor concentration risk
  • Enablement of core cloud services


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JFrog Xray
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