Using DockerHub and Artifactory to Secure Open Source Packages

Shane Fry, VP of Security Engineering @ RunSafe Security
Dinesh Nagarajan, Executive Partner and Global Competency Leader @ IBM

In this session, RunSafe Security highlights how it uses Docker Hub and JFrog Artifactory together to build and manage over 15 open source packages for distribution so that its customers enjoy security protections without slowing down developers.

The presentation demonstrates the Docker Hub – Artifactory combination when managing these products while unifying an approach for security.

It includes examples of how multinational IT infrastructure teams are deploying these secure containers with ease. RunSafe also shares how other DevOps teams can incorporate security protections into their CI/CD pipelines, protecting their own code when using Docker Hub, hardening 3rd party binaries via Artifactory, and ultimately enabling continuous delivery of secure cloud workloads.

This process mitigates zero-day attacks, strengthening your software supply chain and protecting your customers.

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