End-to-End DevOps for Containerized Applications with JFrog and Docker

Melissa McKay | Developer Advocate, JFrog

Peter McKee | Head of Developer Relations, Docker

Are you struggling with how to setup your development and deployment pipelines? Are you following best practices in managing your containerized applications and all of the artifacts that compose your software releases?

Join Melissa McKay w/ JFrog and Peter McKee w/ Docker to learn how to manage and secure software releases and build CI/CD pipelines with the JFrog DevOps Platform and Docker.

Utilize DevOps best practices to manage your containerized apps through your development, testing, and production environments. Learn how to automate and orchestrate with JFrog Pipelines and Docker Compose and how to distribute immutable releases across the globe from code to edge.

During this session, Melissa and Peter will demonstrate DevOps methods and tools that will ease your software’s traversal through your entire development lifecycle and highlight solutions for common pain points.

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