Customer Success Story: Telehealth

Telehealth Company Manages Global IoT Fleet with JFrog Connect


This leading online telehealth company is at the forefront of developing telemedicine ‌technology that facilitates connections between patients and doctors while making access to remote, online healthcare easier. The company’s clientele is extensive, spanning across the globe, and operating in a highly regulated healthcare industry that requires strict network security protocols and procedures. Their customer base was growing rapidly so they needed to ensure they had the ability to efficiently deploy and maintain a large and growing number of Linux-based telehealth devices.


The company faced the challenge of scaling its IoT Edge DevOps operations to keep up with its growing fleet of deployed devices that needed to be regularly monitored, managed and updated. The continuous cadence of new software features, updates and patches was needed to add features to maintain its competitive edge and keep devices secure. This put a strain on the DevOps team, as staffing was limited while the number of devices continued to grow. To address this challenge, the company looked for ways to automate its DevOps processes and operational workflow. This includes implementing new tools and technologies to efficiently and securely monitor, manage and update their growing fleet.


The DevOps team partnered with JFrog to implement JFrog Connect, a powerful platform for managing, updating and monitoring Linux-based edge and IoT devices. Connect provides a comprehensive dashboard view of all their devices, with built-in device monitoring to receive automated alerts which helps the telehealth company supervise the entire fleet for issues and get ahead of potential escalations. Given the large and growing fleet deployments, the company leveraged Connect’s hierarchical grouping, tags and filters to organize deployments into logical categories so that they could be easily managed. Device updates became scalable and efficient by using the Connect Update Flow tool, which provides the flexibility to combine multiple actions, such as running commands and scripts, deploying artifacts, files and containers, that could then be saved and repeatedly used on one or multiple devices at once, with just a few clicks, providing the update scalability they were looking for. In the event of an update failure, the Update Flow provides automatic rollback capabilities, bringing the device back to the prior state. To troubleshoot remote devices, Connect provides tools to easily establish remote access, using reverse SSH strategy, giving the team access to globally distributed devices, while continuing to meet their customer’s strict security requirements.


The company now has a scalable IoT management solution in place to manage their growing globally distributed fleet. Adding new customer devices is now a swift and easy process. Monitoring the entire fleet is now achieved with a centralized dashboard, and with alerts automatically sent to response teams when anomalies are detected. Software updates which were previously tedious and laborious, are now automated and deployed with Update Flows, saving the DevOps team time and the need to travel to remote locations where devices are installed. . With remote troubleshooting readily accessible through Connect’s remote control and access tools, customer issues are addressed faster, and the need to send field personnel to the customer site has been reduced, helping to lower overall operational costs, boost efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction.

Building an Update Flow

“As our business grew, JFrog Connect helped us enhance our operations. Being able to automate and push software updates across multiple devices at once saves us time and resources with each version we deployed. When you consider the cost of an engineer’s time, it was an easy call.”

— Senior manager of the team that oversees all of the company’s DevOps group.




  • Telehealth landscape requires secure software updates
  • Growing device fleet becoming difficult to monitor
  • Device updates are laborious and time consuming
  • Troubleshooting devices can be time consuming and expensive


  • Fleet management dashboard provides view of entire fleet
  • Automated and remote updates on a mass scale
  • Remote troubleshooting resolves issues faster, while lower field operational costs


JFrog Connect

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