Customer Success Story: Splunk

Data To Everything, Delivered Via DevOps


Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything™ Platform, designed to remove the barriers between data and action to turn data into doing for its 19,000+ customers, including 91 of the Fortune 100. By bringing data to every question, decision and action, Splunk enables customers to seamlessly investigate, monitor, analyze, and act on their data. From IT to security to business and cloud operations, Splunk enables organizations to take action in real-time.


As Splunk evolved to deliver its Data-to-Everything Platform and monitoring solution, their 1,000 developers needed a way to standardize their software delivery pipeline and CI/CD systems. Standardization was necessary given that like other large organizations with dispersed development teams, Splunk’s team is distributed across offices around the world and one hundred crossfunctional scrum teams.

Since adopting JFrog Artifactory in 2013, Splunk has grown its strategic usage of JFrog products to manage many terabytes of daily data throughput. Splunk also utilizes JFrog Distribution solutions to deliver software across 11 different regions in multiple clouds, utilizing both on-premises and SaaS-based JFrog solutions.


High Tech / Software


Globally-distributed teams needed to standardize software delivery processes.


  • Standardized package management
  • Terabytes of daily throughput
  • Multi-Cloud deployment


  • Hybrid JFrog Platform
  • JFrog Artifactory
  • JFrog Distribution

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