Customer Success Story: Avaya

Experiences That Matter, Delivered Via Cloud DevOps


Businesses are built on the experiences they provide, and everyday millions of those experiences are built by Avaya (NYSE: AVYA). For over one hundred years, we’ve enabled organizations around the globe to win – by creating intelligent communications experiences for customers and employees. Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both. To grow your business, we’re committed to innovation, partnership, and a relentless focus on what’s next. We’re the technology company you trust to help you deliver Experiences that Matter.


Avaya Cloud development teams build with a variety of programming languages and package formats including Docker and generic package types. They therefore require a single source of truth for their package management across their many pipelines, with full visibility into both CI/CD processes and build tool integrations. As a company building cloud-native products, they require a robust, HAready solution to manage all of their package movements with a scalable cloud infrastructure to support them. JFrog Platform solutions – including JFrog Artifactory – on Amazon Web Services allow them to deliver quickly and reliably.


Tyrone Johnson, Senior SRE and Delivery Manager for Avaya Cloud, has been implementing DevOps practices for many years, and is very familiar with the benefits of DevOps tools such as JFrog Artifactory. Joining Avaya in 2018, Tyrone and his team are at the front lines of digitally transforming Avaya’s business following the acquisition of Spoken Communications. Familiar with JFrog solutions after utilizing the products at other companies, Tyrone recognized the mission-critical nature of a robust artifact management tool when dealing with cloud infrastructure.

JFrog Artifactory sits in the middle of Avaya Cloud’s delivery chain, providing a critical way to manage packages from development through testing, release candidacy and ultimate release. Hosting Avaya’s toolchain on AWS just made sense to help alleviate the headache of hosting, managing, and uptime maintenance of their infrastructure, and has streamlined corporate expansion. Avaya relies on JFrog and AWS to manage Debian, npm, Docker, generic package types and more as they move throughout the pipeline.

Avaya’s cloud development lifecycle has been successful thus far due to improved, continuous delivery on its cloud infrastructure. Leveraging the power and rapid on-demand scale of AWS, Avaya is quickly able to expand workloads and deploy changes fast to ensure continued growth in challenging environments. Avaya deploys more than 1000 artifacts monthly, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly-changing digital communications marketplace.

“Since we deliver critical communication infrastructure for our customers, we have to be sure each release is
rock-solid. JFrog has always done an amazing job at keeping our team in sync, automating tasks, integrating with
our external tools and delivering the tracking and support we need. With AWS infrastructure behind us, we know
we can continue to deliver in the cloud with confidence and give our customers the assurances they deserve.”

– Tyrone Johnson, Sr. SRE and Delivery Manager, Avaya Cloud

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