Customer Case Study: Zeta

Enabling Fintech Innovation: Zeta Scales Security and Software Delivery with JFrog

Priyanka Sethi, Principal Engineer II at Zeta, deep dives into how tools like JFrog support fintech companies’ technological adoption in order to solve issues like scaling of security and software delivery. Zeta, a next-gen banking tech company started in 2015, provides credit and debit card issuer processing, BNPL, core banking and “mobile experiences” to banks and fintechs globally.

The Financial Technology Industry faces two major challenges: handling vast volumes of data and ensuring its security at every stage. Sethi emphasizes the high level of care placed into preventing cross-platform malware contamination. Using their experience with JFrog’s Xray and its SCA scan for source code and binary files, Sethi explains the best practices for prioritizing security implemented by Zeta.

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