The JFrog Platform on AWS

Managing Your DevOps Pipeline from a Single Pane of Glass

The JFrog Platform on AWS allows your teams to deliver software releases more quickly and efficiently. It provides the business flexibility and scalability demanded by today’s modern software organizations to innovate and deliver ahead of the competition.

The universal, highly available enterprise DevOps Platform empowers you with trusted and expedited software releases from code-to-edge node. Efficiently distribute immutable release bundles and automate the delivery of software updates, while gaining visibility into your DevOps pipeline and metrics to remove bottlenecks
and optimize your release processes.

The Platform supports hybrid and cloud environments hosted on Amazon Web Services through subscription from either JFrog or the AWS Marketplace.


  • Supports all major build packages
  • Increases software delivery speed and quality through standardization and automation of processes
  • Improves productivity through integration with your ecosystem and DevOps tools
  • Identifies and mitigates known security vulnerabilities and open source license violations
  • Allows access to all JFrog services, administration, permissions, and metadata from a single pane of glass
  • Accelerates the time to synchronize remote repositories, even overcome limited bandwidth and network lag
  • Orchestrates and optimizes all key processes of your Cl/ CD pipeline
  • Allows secure transmission of immutable release bundles and metadata atomically that are verified at the destination
  • Identifies bottlenecks so you can optimize your release processes
  • Supports hybrid cloud environments


At the heart of the JFrog Platform is JFrog Artifactory, the industry standard for universal binary repository managers. Artifactory provides end-to-end automation and management of binaries and artifacts throughout the application delivery process.

  • Improves productivity across your development pipeline
  • Ecosystem freedom with support for all major Cl/CD platforms and DevOps tools you already use
  • Supports 25+ packages such as Conan, Debian, Docker, Go, Helm, Maven, npm, NuGet, and PyPI
  • Kubernetes ready supporting containers, Docker, Helm Charts, and is your Kubernetes and Docker registry
  • Full CLI and REST APls customizable to your ecosystem


JFrog Xray is a universal software composition analysis (SCA) tool that natively integrates with Artifactory, giving DevSecOps teams an easy way to proactively identify open source vulnerabilities and license compliance violations, before they manifest in production.

  • Deep recursive scanning examines all the underlying layers and dependencies of components, even those packaged in Docker images, and zip files
  • Be confident with the most timely and comprehensive vulnerability intelligence VulnDB, plus other sources of vulnerabilities, license compliance, component versions
    and others
  • Unprecedented visibility of your artifacts and dependencies enables Xray to provide an impact analysis of any issues discovered in your software

JFrog Xray impact analysis


JFrog Mission Control is a single access point and dashboard, for managing all JFrog services under your administrative control, whether they are installed on your own site or at geographically remote sites.

  • Gain visibility into metrics and correlated analytics of your software development lifecycle performance through a unified and comprehensive dashboard
  • Identifies bottlenecks so you can optimize your release processes

JFrog Mission Control Dashboard


JFrog Distribution efficiently distributes immutable release bundles and automates the delivery of your software updates.

  • Distributes signed and verified release binaries in a single coherent release bundle to ensure security
  • Overcome limited bandwidth and network lag through replication optimization
  • Replication process dramatically reduces network load and release bundle synchronization time between Artifactory source and target


JFrog Pipelines is a next-generation Cl / CD automation and orchestration tool that embraces and enhances your pipeline processes by providing a centralized command and control mechanism across all your DevOps pipelines.

  • Create workflows with pre-built blocks and interactive diagrams, and graphical display, using simple declarative YAML-based language
  • View and manage all workflow of your entire DevOps ecosystem from a single pane of glass in real-time
  • Easily integrates with popular DevOps tools you already use for source control, storage, issue­ tracking, notification, orchestration, and more

JFrog Pipelines view pipeline


The JFrog Platform unifies the user experience and management of all the JFrog services into a single pane of glass:

  • Access Artifactory, Xray, Pipelines, Access, Distribution and Mission Control from one location
  • Puts all of your meta data, searches, user setups, configurations, and permissions together
  • JFrog Access allows services to be federated into a single “circle of trust”
  • Synchronize users, groups and permissions between sites rather than having to define them separately
  • Enables single-sign-on to all JFrog services within the circle of trust

JFrog Platform services


JFrog Artifactory supports Kubernetes, the de facto orchestration tool in the industry, for automating deployment, scaling, and management of microservices and containerized applications.

  • Gain insight and full control of your code-to-cluster process
  • Secure, robust Docker registry is the single access point to manage and organize Docker images
  • Use Artifactory as your Kubernetes registry to manage application packages, operating system’s component dependencies, open source libraries, Docker containers, and Helm charts with full visibility of all dependencies

Kubernetes Registry


Running your JFrog DevOps solutions on AWS allows the use of secure and scalable AWS services like EC2, ECS, and EKS. JFrog and AWS provide businesses with solutions and tools to help accelerate your software development to innovate and deliver their offerings ahead of the competition. JFrog provides a universal end-to-end DevOps platform for automating, managing, securing, distributing, orchestrating, monitoring, and optimizing your Cl/ CD pipeline. It can be configured and tailored to meet your business needs. Whether you are a young startup or an established SMB or a large global enterprise, we have a solution for you.

JFrog solutions on AWS can scale as your business grows and meet your business needs supporting any S3 object provider through our API and a reverse proxy for your Artifactory Docker repository using AWS ELB to support high availability. You can lower your OPEX cost and have single source billing from the AWS Marketplace. Find the right plan for you.

You can get started with an always-free subscription to JFrog Platform on AWS, or choose one of our flexible plans.

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