DevSecOps in Financial Services with JFrog on AWS

Accelerate Secure and Compliant Software Releases for Continuous Innovation

“Entrusting compliance to the JFrog Platform is a core and critical ability to ensure we can maintain our acceleration… If JFrog is not available, then our systems are down and our customers may not be able to access the systems they require.”

— Director, Tools and Platforms, a Fortune 500 Investment Management Services Company running JFrog on AWS


Regulatory compliance

Adherence to industry regulations, data privacy, and corporate governance requirements is paramount. Rapid software releases require strict control and auditing, making it a challenge to strike a balance between agility and compliance.

Security risks

The financial services industry is a primary target for cybercriminals. Shifting security left in the software development process to identify and address vulnerabilities early and throughout the release lifecycle is critical for financial institutions.

Legacy systems and modern application support

IT infrastructures in financial services tend to be complex, ranging from traditional on-premises data centers to modern cloud deployments. DevSecOps in financial services must scale to manage the complexity of supporting legacy platforms and modern applications, from monolithic to distributed microservices architecture.

Industry technology disruptions

Keeping pace with technological innovations in financial services and remaining competitive requires continually releasing new and updated software to enhance digital services. This is a pace of change the industry historically avoided but now must embrace.

Intensifying customer demands

Customer expectations continue to climb with regard to the digital experience. Customers expect more from their financial services providers, including personalized, feature-rich, fast, and always available offerings.


Holistic security and compliance

  • Trusted software supply chain security covering source code and binaries so developers can confidently build knowing their releases are protected from known and unknown threats
  • Automated regulatory and governmental compliance with easy SBOM generation
  • Granular policies and automated governance across the software supply chain
  • Unified ML Model Management with first-party model storage and Hugging Face proxy capabilities with scanning for security and license issues
  • Cutting-edge security research and detection from the JFrog Security Research Team to stay protected from emerging threats and methodologies in near-real-time

Infrastructure resiliency and consistency

  • High Availability environment to support critical processes and thousands of users and pipelines
  • Deployment flexibility across cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments that scale
  • Multi-site Replication and Access Federation for centralized and safe access to a single source of record for artifacts and builds

Improved developer velocity

  • Single universal platform for all developer components and build outputs to accelerate development and updates – while meeting security requirements
  • Integrations with every major build, testing, and deployment tool
  • Truly automated CI/CD processes to maximize delivery efficiency and minimize errors

Release Fast Or Die