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iTMethods is a global leader in DevOps Tools and Tools Management. We provide robust support for JFrog products via our Managed DevOps SaaS Platform, which can be delivered as a Single-Tenant SaaS or as a Managed Customer VPC deployment. As a JFrog partner and MSP, iTMethods is committed to empowering enterprises to streamline their DevOps processes. Our mission is to facilitate faster, more secure, and superior quality software production, giving businesses a competitive edge. Our Managed DevOps SaaS Platform is designed with enterprise features to simplify the deployment, management, security, and compliance needs of DevOps tools. Our platform is further enhanced by add-on services such as DevOps Consulting, Administrative & Functional Support, Cloud-Native Build & Management, and DevOps as a Service.

Website: itmethods.com
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada