Software distribution is a critical part of your delivery process and modern delivery trends — such as rapid development and deployment, releasing software across large-scale infrastructure and edge/IoT devices, and increased adoption of cloud-native apps — all slow down distribution due to network utilization, security, and complex topologies’ overhead.

According to IDC, failure to address distribution bottlenecks can be a major risk to businesses. Slowing down software innovation, increasings security risks, and resulting in loss of revenue.

Download this infographic from research firm IDC to discover:


  • What is software distribution
  • What are the key consumption points for binaries and Bill of Materials (BOM) in your distribution process.
  • What are the new challenges with trusted distribution at scale
  • How the exponential growth in edge infrastructure and “things”, as well as the adoption of cloud-native, change software distribution requirements
  • Critical guidance for enterprises to meet future needs and overcome the bottlenecks in modern application delivery