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What is a Docker Repository?

A Docker repository is a collection of Docker images that can be delivered to a Docker engine. In a Docker repository, Docker images are tagged to identify them by name, version and variant. Images in a Docker repository are typically pulled by referencing their tag, and any image can have multiple tags. Docker repositories can be managed through the Docker client, or through the Docker Registry HTTP API, to push, pull, and tag images.

Full compatibility with Docker

A binary repository in Artifactory can be designated as a Docker repository to contain Docker images. Artifactory supports all Docker functions for tagging the images its Docker repositories contain. You can create as many Docker repositories as you need in Artifactory, without limit.

Artifactory supports the relevant calls of the Docker Registry HTTP API, so you can manage all your Docker images in Artifactory transparently with the Docker client. Just invoke Docker from the command line as you would any other Docker registry service to add images to a repository or pull images for distribution to a Docker engine.

Flexible and Fast

Artifactory can proxy a remote Docker registry through remote repositories, providing a local cache of a remote Docker resource such as Docker Hub. Doing so can speed builds, provide better control, and insure against interruption to remote resources.

Artifactory can aggregate images from both local and remote repositories into a virtual Docker repository. By doing so, Docker images can be accessed from a single URL, while administrators can manage the individual repositories.

Any Docker repository in Artifactory, whether local or a remote proxy, can be included in a private Docker registry in Artifactory.

Safe and Secure

Use JFrog Xray scanning to make sure your container applications have no known security vulnerabilities, and that all components are in compliance with your organization’s license policies. With Artifactory, you can build a secure, automated pipeline from code all the way to Docker.

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