How to use docker registry API with Artifactory Docker Repository when not using docker client?

JFrog Support
2021-04-25 08:32

If you're planning to use Artifactory's Docker Registry API to authenticate and perform operations on your Artifactory Docker repository, then you can use the following header:


Also, for authentication purposes, you’ll need to add your API key to cURL commands. You can access the API key on your Artifactory User Profile page.


Artifactory REST API supports three forms of authentication and you can use any one of them with your Docker repository. For the boxed solution below, we chose the API key authentication method for our example. In the command, you can see that we we’re using the X-JFrog-Art-Api header with the API key, and have verified that the authentication succeeded:


curl -X GET “http://<serverName>:8081/artifactory/api/docker/<RepoName>/v2/<Image>/tags/list” -H “X-JFrog-Art-Api:AKCp2UNCt2ENCPMX2LUQn2kkYfpDm2E4LgE6EKR3JEsWDXGbJxY18LsEvkYAGWmnKLddV88Hw”