How to use docker registry API with Artifactory Docker Repository when not using docker client?

JFrog Support
2017-02-06 12:08

If you are planning to use the Artifactory Docker Registry API for authenticating and performing other operations on the Artifactory docker repository, then you can use the following header: "X-JFrog-Art-Api" and pass the API key of the user to authenticate. The API key of the user can be retrieved from the "User Profile" page in Artifactory. Artifactory REST API supports three forms of authentication and you can use any one of them with the docker repository. For this solution, we chose the API key authentication method as an example.


Below is an example of the REST API that we ran successfully to list tags of a docker image in Artifactory. In the command, you can see that we have passed the header "X-JFrog-Art-Api" with the API key, and verified that the authentication was successful and that the tags were listed.


curl -X GET "http://<serverName>:8081/artifactory/api/docker/<RepoName>/v2/<Image>/tags/list" -H "X-JFrog-Art-Api:AKCp2UNCt2ENCPMX2LUQn2kkYfpDm2E4LgE6EKR3JEsWDXGbJxY18LsEvkYAGWmnKLddV88Hw"