Seamlessly manage how, when, and where packages are used, and effortlessly find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities across your entire development landscape from a single source of truth.


  • Create transparency and efficiency between DevOps, Engineering, and Security
  • Know what 3rd party packages are in your supply chain and that they’re safe for use
  • Improve security with integrated checks and gates throughout your SDLC
  • Always see the big picture and easily take action with a single source of truth
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“Shift left” without being saddled with the security burden. Don’t let zero days ruin your weekends ever again. Never find out at the last minute that builds are blocked because of a security issue. Unify management of all your artifacts, binaries, packages, files, containers, and components in a single system.
Security that doesn’t get in the way
Integrate vulnerability prevention through IDE plugins and stop vulnerable OSS packages before they enter builds. Create approved package repositories for your developers to pull from. Set policies to automatically approve package use, reviewing only those where necessary.
Remediation made easy
Leverage enhanced CVE data and developer friendly step-by-step remediation instructions. Fix zero day’s like log4j in hours not days. Comprehensive impact analysis pinpoints when, where, and how you’re actually impacted by security or license violations - saving everyone’s time.
A central, secure place for all your binaries
Protect the components in your software supply chain with multiple security layers such as role based access control, SSH, and more. Ensure build predictability and visibility with binary immutability and enhanced metadata. Connect all your tools to the JFrog Platform to securely automate DevOps.
Ensure security isn’t a “last mile” activity. Make sure developers use secure dependencies, avoiding exploitable vulnerabilities or hidden malicious code. Consistently apply security and compliance policies across your development organization without getting in the way. Augment your team with tools and data to exponentially increase its impact without needing additional resources.
Go beyond the SBOM
Know what’s in every 3rd, 2nd, and 1st party package, build, and app. Automatically generate SBOMs in SPDX and CycloneDX formats - no need to access source code. Augment your SBOMs with rich contextual metadata around workflows, approvals, developer information, etc.
A leading security research team at your side
Tap into the expert knowledge of the JFrog Security Research Team with enhanced CVE data and developer friendly step-by-step remediation guidance. Streamline remediation with binary level contextual analysis of vulnerabilities to eliminate false positives. Newly discovered vulnerabilities and findings automatically added to the JFrog vulnerability database so you’re always up-to-date.
Automated security, all the time
Continuously scan your supply chain assets for newly introduced or discovered threats. Reduce manual tasks by configuring policies to automate the discovery of security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues. Shrink risk by identifying and eliminating malicious packages from use within your SSC.


Bring Your Supply Chain Together
in a Secure, Cohesive Way

The JFrog DevOps Platform offers deeper Dev. + Sec. + Ops. integration, in a flexible, and expandable platform that delivers increased security, visibility, and control on-premise, in the cloud, and at the edge. No matter what tools you work with today, or plan to work with tomorrow, connect them to JFrog to enhance supply chain security while simultaneously improving automation.

JFrog Artifactory + Xray vs. Other Solutions

Artifactory +
Artifactory + 3rd Party
SCA Tools
Other Integrated
Native integration with Artifactory
Full binary context instantly available to pinpoint vulnerabilities
Single source of truth for DevOps and Security
Depends on the vendor
Optimized performance and efficiency - Scan only what’s changed
Depends on the vendor
Continuous security for all artifacts without degrading performance
Depends on the vendor
Native access to metadata
Aligned data model
No context switching
Depends on the vendor
Control the way OSS packages enter and are leveraged throughout your DevOps ecosystem
Depends on the vendor
Full flexibility in deployment - hybrid & multi-cloud
Depends on the vendor
Secure and update to the edge

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