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Index Artifacts history enables you to narrow down the selection criteria of artifacts in the repositories you want to index. Because indexing entire repositories that are large and contain a large number of artifacts all at once may be too lengthy of a process, and the data consumption that is required will consume a large amount of disk space, the index artifacts history feature offers a solution to this issue.

You can select which artifacts to index in a repository by doing one or a combination of the following:

  • Limit which artifacts to index, by selecting a time range for artifacts that were loaded in the last number of days you set.

  • Define a repository path to include or exclude an inner folder within the repository, to index artifacts that reside within that folder.

  • Use a combination of both a time range and a path, for example, set a repository path to a production folder within the repository, and set the time range to only index artifacts within that folder that were uploaded in the last 90 days.

  • Use a combination of both all artifacts and a path, for example, to index all artifacts in the production folder within the repository.