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Integrating Jira into the development process significantly enhances the team's ability to manage violation resolution. It seamlessly incorporates this crucial aspect into the development lifecycle, ensuring policy violations are promptly identified, prioritized, and resolved, therefore boosting efficiency.

With Xray's integration into Atlassian's Jira Software, you can manually or automatically create Jira tickets based on security threats identified by Xray. Once set up, policy violations are converted to Jira tickets. This allows the development teams to pinpoint the violations, prioritize them effectively, and take swift action to resolve them.


As a Jira admin, you must have the following information:


You must have Jira Admin permissions to be able to connect Jira to Xray. For the Jira-related steps, refer to Atlassian Jira Documentation .

  1. The supported authentication type should be one of OAuth1, OAuth2, or Basic Authentication.

  2. User credentials depend on the authentication type.

  3. Jira Project Name.

  4. Issue type (bug, security, escalation, etc.).

  5. Jira labels (optional).

  6. Custom Field Mapping (optional).