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Starting from Xray version 3.54.0, Xray includes the Scans List page, which combines Xray scan details into a single screen and enables you to view details for repositories, builds, release bundles, and packages. For each of these items, you can drill down further to view the Report overview, Policy Violations, components, and security issues.

In addition to the scan details, the Scans List page enables you to:

  • Search in all tables in a report

  • Filter attributes in all tables

  • View the versions list of each scan type


  • The Scans List page is available with Artifactory version 7.39.4 and above.

  • The Scans List page displays only those items that Xray has already indexed. The full list of both indexed and non-indexed resource scans is available through the Xray data tab in Artifactory. For more information, see Analyzing Resource Scan Results.