Manually Create a Jira Ticket

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More Permissions for OAuth2

If you have set up Jira integration with Xray using OAuth2, manual creation of Jira tickets requires some extra permissions.Ensure that the permissions are updated before manually creating Jira tickets. For more information, seeConnecting Jira to Xray Using OAuth2.

To manually create a Jira ticket:

  1. In the Application tab, navigate to a violation on one of the following pages:

    • Artifactory > Builds

    • Artifactory > Artifacts

    • Scans List > Repositories

    • Scans List > Builds

    • Scans List > Release Bundles

    • Watch Violations

  2. Click the vulnerability ID, and in the window that appears on the right, click the action button (three dots) and click Create a Jira.