Create an Xray Report

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Requires Permissions

To create a report, you need the Manage Reports role permissions set in Users and Groups.Introduction to Users and Groups

Step 1 Create a New Report

Navigate to Application module | Xray | Reports and select Create New.


Step 2 Select a Scope

Select a scope to generate the list for that particular scope. You can only select one scope at a time.


Starting from Xray 3.27.2 and above with Artifactory version 7.21.3 and above, if you are using Projects, you can generate a Global Report on the Projects scope for all report types:Projects Concepts and TerminologyProjects Concepts and Terminology


For a description of the different scope types, see Xray Report Scope Types.

Step 3 Use Advanced Filters

Use advanced filters to narrow down the scope of the data you would like to see in the report. For detailed information, see Xray Report Advanced Filters.

Step 4 Generate a Report

After defining the scope and filters you can generate the report. The report will run in an asynchronous mode, and will be added to the report list page. New reports will be displayed at the top of the list.