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The Xray reports feature enables you to collect and view information on the Xray scanning of your packages and artifacts. Ultimately, it serves as a point-in-time report presenting information in a visual method to help you gain insights on the different scanning results that Xray provides.

You can define what information you would like to see in each report by setting a scope and advanced filters to help you narrow down the data you would like to analyze.

You can generate, view, and export reports to a PDF, JSON, or CSV file through the JFrog Platform or REST API. Each file format will provide you with different capabilities depending on your needs. These files can be further used by applications and tools that your organization uses to gain further analytics.

Important Details

In order to use this feature, you need the following:

  • Xray versions 3.8 and above.Xray 3.8

  • Artifactory version 7.7 and above.

  • Manage Reports role permissions set in Users and Groups.Introduction to Users and Groups