How a CSO can help Developers implement security?

JFrog CSO, Moran Ashkenazi delves into the responsibilities and challenges faced by CSOs in ensuring secure software development practices. Explore proven strategies for assessing and mitigating risks, integrating security into the development process, and aligning security practices with business objectives. By leveraging your position as a CISO or CSO, you can inspire and guide development teams to prioritize security, identify vulnerabilities, and implement best practices to safeguard critical assets.
CSO view on software supply chain security

JFrog CSO, Moran Ashkenazi answers the question around what she thinks about most when it comes to software supply chain (ssc) security.

Biggest SSC misconceptions

Highlights on some of the biggest misconceptions people make about software supply chain security today

Myths around CSO views

Let's debunk some common myths around how the industry thinks a CSO views organization-wide security

The Developer relationship to security

Moran dives into what her view is on Developers and the relationship they have with security today. As security gets more complex, the Developer's job today isn't easy and they are asked to do a lot more than they are used to.

Common assumption they make

Common assumptions Developers tend to make around security today, that could be untrue. We unpack some of these assumptions and different way to view it that helps them adopt a security mindset and make their lives easier

CSO wish list for Developers

The four things the CSO of today's modern organization wishes their Developers did more of and how to do them.

Developer wish list for CSO / CISO

Moran answers the question, "if you were a Developer today, what do you think you would want to hear from you CISO and CSO?"

Simulating threats in your environment

As a DevSecOps software and service provider, JFrog leads the front with valiant efforts in sexuring software. We dive into how JFrog constantly performs threat simulation, future-proofing, and zero-day threat responses testing.

Best practices from DevSecOps experts

We share JFrog's view on our own SSC security and share some best practices we use within our own organization.

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Watch the full video with even more details on each tip!