The JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform on Azure

Deliver Trusted Software with Speed

Today, every company is a software company. The ability to deliver reliable software fast is a competitive advantage, but only half the battle. With greater threats and increasing complexity, organizations must ensure their software meets high quality and security standards. Balancing all of these without bogging down developers becomes the challenge.

JFrog fuels innovation, empowering organizations to build and release software faster and more securely than ever before. The JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the end-to-end visibility, security, and control necessary for automating the delivery of trusted releases.

The JFrog Platform on Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable, open, and flexible hybrid solution that integrates with the package technologies and tools in the software supply chain. It provides full traceability from developers to all deployment environments, including ML models, edge devices, and production data centers.

The JFrog Platform supports hybrid and cloud environments hosted on Microsoft Azure through subscription from either JFrog or Azure Marketplace.

You can get started with a trial subscription to JFrog Platform on Azure, get JFrog on Azure Marketplace, or choose one of our flexible plans.

The Single System of Record for Secure, Automated Software Releases

JFrog is the single source for any input and output that makes up a software release, allowing you to manage, secure, and automate your software supply chain from a single place.

End-to-End Auditing and Traceability

Capture signed evidence of every action taken against immutable releases to provide full traceability of every component and see where they’re used across your environments.

Integrated Security at Every Stage of Development

Gain confidence in your software with progressive, built-in security scanning that fortifies your supply chain, blocks risk, and simplifies remediation.

Enterprise Proven Scale and Governance

Your mission-critical tools, components, and data are available and accessible wherever and whenever needed with trusted enterprise resilience, access controls, security, and compliance.

Your Enterprise Software Supply Chain, Secured Under One Roof

  • JFrog Artifactory – The gold standard for managing the lifecycle of software artifacts, containers, and ML models, with native support for over 30 different package technologies.
  • JFrog Pipelines – Enterprise-grade CI/CD orchestration and workflow automation with flexible triggers and integrated security and integrity control.
  • JFrog Distribution – Extend your circle of trust to the last mile of software delivery and take software to the ideal location for optimal consumption.
  • JFrog Connect – Bring enterprise DevOps and security practices to IoT development to manage IoT fleets and software updates at scale.
  • JFrog Curation – Defend your software supply chain with automated, proactive blocking of malicious or risky open-source packages and ML models.
  • JFrog Xray – Identify and resolve open source vulnerabilities and license compliance issues in your software and models with DevOps-centric security.
  • JFrog Advanced Security – Take supply chain security to the next level with software supply chain security exposure scanning, code scanning, and contextualized impact analysis.

The Mission-Critical Piece of Your Development Infrastructure

Why Enterprises Choose JFrog

Single Source of Truth – Manage and secure every software artifact and its metadata in a single system, providing unrivaled visibility into your development organization.

Developer Efficiency – Provide the context and tools that keep developers in their IDE while speeding up and eliminating tasks that put the brakes on productivity.

Enhanced Automation – Integrate all your tools to a single, central hub of development, allowing for the continuous flow of data and an expanded number of workflow triggers.

Secured SDLC – Make security a seamless part of developer workflows for a true DevSecOps approach with DevOps and Security operating from a single system.

Simplified Governance – Take software from code to release with quality controls and compliance gates that ensure release integrity and allow for effortless auditing.

Infrastructure Agility – Optimize workloads across clouds and data centers with a seamless experience no matter where JFrog is deployed.

Optimized Storage and Transfer – Save time and money with JFrog’s checksum-based approach that only stores, transfers, and scans the unique pieces of binary files.

Vendor Consolidation – Reduce costs and overhead with the Dev, Sec, ML, IoT, and Ops functionality you need in one place, all without sacrificing functionality.

Responsible AI/ML – Enhance AI pipelines with DevSecOps best practices to identify hidden AI, block harmful AI components, and operationalize AI/ML components with ease.

How Enterprises Use JFrog – Top Use Cases

Migrating to the Cloud / Cloud Transformation
JFrog’s hybrid approach enables effortless cloud transformation. JFrog instances connect seamlessly whether deployed on self-hosted data centers or the cloud. Organizations can move workloads to the cloud gradually while maintaining selfhosted environments for regulatory or cost controls. JFrog’s managed offerings optimize resources and allow flexibility in choosing cloud providers and regions.

Consolidating Development and Security toolsets
JFrog delivers best-in-class functionality across critical areas for secure, automated software supply chains. It replaces multiple-point security solutions, package managers, container registries, and deployment tools. Consolidating with JFrog eliminates alert fatigue, and enhances automation, context, traceability, and stakeholder alignment.

Manage and Control OSS Use to Ensure Trusted Artifacts
JFrog allows organizations to prevent developers from downloading OSS packages directly from the internet. The JFrog Platform serves as a gate between developers and the public internet by proxying public registries. This allows organizations to review and secure artifacts coming into their organization and proactively block malicious and unwanted packages before they reach the developer environment.

Improving Integrity, Reliability, Consistency, and Speed of CI/CD
The JFrog platform is the single place to receive build outputs and serve them up wherever needed as part of CI/CD workflows. The open platform enhances automation by providing multiple ways to connect to development tools, including native integrations with package managers. By storing and managing all dependencies, the JFrog Platform eliminates latency from having to pull artifacts from public registries.

Global Software Delivery
JFrog allows organizations to build and distribute software globally. Highly performant and advanced replication capabilities ensure global teams and workflows have uninterrupted access to software components. Distribution edges allow organizations to move production-ready software to the optimal location for consumption, whether that’s by another team, customer, or runtime.

Compliance and Governance
JFrog enables compliance with standards like NIST, SLSA, and SSDF. The JFrog Platform serves as the single source of truth for development, enabling auditability and traceability across the software development lifecycle. Integrated capabilities like security scanning, evidence capture, artifact signing, and SBOM generation allow organizations to secure and protect the supply chain from known articulated attacks.

Adopting MLSecOps
JFrog accelerates AI/ML initiatives by bringing mature DevOps and Security practices to AI pipelines. The JFrog Platform — integrated with leading ML model hubs and development platforms — offers a comprehensive solution for securing and managing the versioned AI/ML models, software packages, data, and dependencies as a single entity, alongside all the other artifacts that make up applications.

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