JFrog Platform – Projects

Self Serve Projects for DevOps Scale and Agility

JFrog Projects is a way to manage software development projects at scale for enterprise organizations and distributed teams. 

As global development teams grow and the business demands more agility, organizations need a simple and scalable way to manage their software development project resources and users. JFrog Projects enables this by providing the capability to manage resources (such as repositories, builds, Release Bundles, and Pipelines) and members with role-based access control (RBAC), within the JFrog DevOps Platform.

With JFrog Projects, development teams can self-serve many of the day-to-day responsibilities for themselves, and remove the setup and configuration time bottleneck with preassigned: repositories, builds, pipelines sources and pipeline integrations, for the duration of a software project.

JFrog Projects, as part of the JFrog Platform, enables Administrators and DevOps managers to:

  • Delegate day-to-day management tasks, reducing DevOps bottlenecks
  • Simplify onboarding of new members  for the projects 
  • Provide efficient ongoing management across teams and satisfy their unique requirements
  • Deliver role-based access and permissions
  • Assign project-level resource allocation to ensure compliance
  • Easily segregate and separate between different projects/teams/departments in the organization while using the same Platform setup

Self Service

JFrog Projects solves the developer challenge of being assigned to multiple software projects and manually needing to configure each environment and request the right level of privileges for each one. JFrog Projects empowers Project Admins to enable the development teams get started quickly, and maximize their time on coding.

JFrog Platform - Admin View of a New Project

JFrog Platform – Admin View of a New Project

Software developers start new projects with allocated resources to simplify their onboarding. Within their predefined DEV or PROD environment they can expect a standard set of tools such as: package manager, artifacts (eg. images, dependencies), builds, pipelines and global search ready for them.

Easily Manage Software Projects

 JFrog Projects enables Platform Administrators and DevOps Managers to automate and distribute the workload to a designated Project Admin to manage the resources and permissions of the individual development project, while maintaining Platform Admin privileges for oversight and support.  

JFrog Projects solves the challenges of scaling distributed development projects with:

  • Easy set up of new development projects and assignment of team members and resources, with storage quotas, all through a simple UI.
  • Ensured compliance with project-level data separation and access to information between different projects/ teams/ departments, while using a common platform setup.
  • Extended administration for easy configuration of new role-based access and permissions.
  • Newly introduced Project Admin role with permissions to manage resources for specific projects.
  • Quick startup with two predefined environments; DEV (development) and PROD (production). Each environment is pre-assigned for resources such as; Repositories, Pipelines Node Pools, Pipeline integrations, and Xray analysis. 
  • Additional project roles, such as viewer, contributor, developer, and release management; and CRUD permissions of resources such as packages, builds, artifacts, pipelines and global search throughout the CI/CD pipeline.

JFrog Platform - Trading Floor DEV and PROD Repositories

JFrog Platform – Trading Floor DEV and PROD Repositories

Efficient Resources Allocation

From a resource management perspective, one of the key resources many of our customers target for cost reduction is storage. 

JFrog Platform - Project Storage

JFrog Platform – Project Storage

JFrog Projects provides enhanced visibility into the storage consumption patterns at a project level, enabling Platform Administrators to assign specific storage limits for each project. Project leads know what they have to work with and can kickstart code development quickly, as well as manage usage patterns for optimized performance.

JFrog Projects was designed for scale, for those organizations that are dealing with thousands of permission targets. With the introduction of role based access the paradigm has changed and now the Project Admin can add and move resources and users within each individual project.

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