JFrog Container Registry

The Fully Hybrid and Scalable Docker and Helm Registry

The JFrog Container Registry is the most comprehensive and advanced registry in the market today, supporting Docker and Helm for your Kubernetes deployments. Use it as your single access point to manage and organize your Docker images. It provides reliable, consistent, and efficient access to remote Docker registries with integration to your build ecosystem.

Built using proven industry-leading JFrog Artifactory registry technology, use it to easily manage and deploy your Docker images. It provides DevOps teams with full control over access and permissions and is the only registry in the market to provide free local and remote registries and virtual collection of multiple registries. Use it to support your current and future business model with hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

The JFrog Container Registry is FREE to use for both on-premise / self-managed and SaaS in the cloud. The Cloud version includes 2GB of peak data storage, 10GB of monthly data transfer, OSS vulnerability scanning with JFrog Xray, and 2,000 monthly build minutes for JFrog Pipelines.


  • Hybrid capable and free to use for both on-premise / self- managed and SaaS on your choice of AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Built using proven, industry- leading JFrog Artifactory technology
  • Supports Docker and Helm for your Kubernetes deployments and includes local, virtual, and remote repositories, including generics
  • Reliable and consistent access for secure upload and download with fine-grained access
  • Highly reliable and massively scalable


Use the JFrog Container Registry to gain insight into Docker and Kubernetes artifacts.



“DevOps teams working with container technologies need a robust, flexible registry solution for container image management. Based off of JFrog Artifactory’s proven Docker management at scale, we believe JFrog Container Registry is the best, free choice for developers looking for a feature-rich, advanced, enterprise-grade registry both on-premise and in the cloud.”

Yoav Landman, CTO, JFrog

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