Distribution Edges Solution Sheet

Low latency, secure, hybrid software distribution infrastructure

Distribution Edges, from JFrog Distribution, are read-only Artifactory repositories that provide local, low latency, RBAC-enabled consumption points for distributed content.

Distribution Edges can be deployed as part of your delivery topology to enable governed, secure distribution across environments with optimized downloads speed at the consumption point.

Key Use Cases for Distribution Edges:

  • External Distribution: using your own Download Center: Publish and distribute your software for public download by your developer and partner ecosystems, or by specific – authenticated – customers, partners or vendors.
    • Vendors in a complex supply chain: With governed repository-to-repository direct distribution and SBOM visibility, Distribution Edges eliminate manual, error-prone processes and enable immediate ingestion of distributed builds by thousands of developers in the next stage of the product delivery lifecycle.
  • Internal Distribution: To remote development teams, across inbound-only networks, or for enforcing separation of duties requirements.
  • Runtime Distribution: Distribution Edges located close to production clusters provide a middle-layer for low-latency, fast, geo-based downloads to accelerate deployments across regions or hybrid environments/devices.

Distribution Edges provide:

  • Faster Downloads with local, low latency consumption point(s) for distributed content. Optional CDN and PDN fronts enable further acceleration of downloads and improved concurrency.
  • Hybrid distribution: Distribution Edges can be deployed on any environment (on-prem or cloud) or consumed as a managed SaaS instance available on all public clouds.
  • Full RBAC and audit trail for all distribution transactions, publishing, managing, and consuming binaries.
  • Tracking for both public (open) and authenticated downloads.
  • Configurable download restrictions based on Geo or IP blacklist/whitelist. Signed URLs enable time-limited download availability.
  • Improve performance and resilience at scale by load-balancing downloads closer to consumption points to offload Artifactory Hub.
  • Flexible, Multi-tier Distribution Stack: Combining Distribution Edges and Private Distribution Network (PDN) enables you to create a powerful and infinitely scalable distribution infrastructure to drive your delivery efforts.

Distribution Edges Topology View

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