Create Scalable JFrog Ecosystems Using a NetApp Cloud-native Solution

Kevin Greggans, Dir. Cloud ISV Alliances, NetApp

Ecosystems Fabian Duarte, Strategic Cloud Sales Executive, NetApp

Jeff Fry, Senior Technical Alliance Business Development Manager, JFrog

Join the JFrog & NetApp technical team to learn how you can reduce/eliminate developer community downtime for your JFrog ecosystems and enable true disaster recovery across cloud regions in GCP.

With NetApp’s cloud-native data services solution — Cloud Volume Service(CVS), we will show you how to: 1. Reduce/eliminate outages 2. Protect against regional failures 3. Enable increased capacity & performance on demand 4.

Manage NetApp and IaC solutions through Terraform Please join us in this session which will include a step-by-step walk-through demo that can be easily recreated in your own environments without needing to call a storage administrator!

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