Customer Case Study: Myntra

Driving Agile Customer Experiences: Leveraging JFrog for E-commerce Success at Myntra

Ashutosh Sharma, Director Engineering at Myntra, speaks to how DevOps is at the center of their e-commerce business. Myntra is a major Indian fashion e-commerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. With fashion trends constantly changing the Myntra shopping app prides itself on keeping up without any hiccups.

Sharma sets the context of Myntra’s industry landscape by explaining how customer loyalty and retention are their top priorities. With the customer experience powered by technology at every step from adding an item to the cart to shipping confirmations, Sharma deep dives into how his team remains agile to the constant changes. Leveraging JFrog, Sharma’s team is able to improve developer productivity and infrastructure reliability to keep up with their customer needs.

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