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JFrog Artifactory Extends The Universe with PHP Support for Developers

press release, October 20, 2016

Over 5 million PHP developers can now use the world’s first universal software package repository and include it in their continuous integration environment

Sunnyvale, Calif. – October 20, 2016 – JFrog announced its support for PHP package management in today’s release.  JFrog Artifactory the Universal Repository Manager, is an all inclusive package solution and supports all binary artifacts including Maven, Docker, npm, PyPi, Nuget, YUM, Debian and many other packaging formats.

With this new support, PHP developers can easily store their local PHP Composer packages in Artifactory, and also proxy other PHP repositories like Packagist. PHP Developers can also utilize the full strength of what JFrog Artifactory has to offer, including the ‘universal’ ability to use PHP along with other package types in one system of record.  JFrog Artifactory also provides support for rich metadata around an artifact, and PHP developers can leverage the Artifactory Query Language (AQL) to query this data and uncover information around each of these artifacts.

“JFrog believes in providing freedom of choice to our developers” said Dror Bereznitsky, VP of Product at JFrog. “Our universal support in JFrog products dramatically speeds up the development process by enabling users to manage all binary artifacts equally well, regardless of the programming language, technology or CI server used to build them. Combined with our open APIs, our products integrate seamlessly into the developer’s continuous integration environments”  

JFrog will continue to expand its universal support with more releases planned for this year.

More information about JFrog Artifactory PHP support can be found on the JFrog Wiki.



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