Safeguarding Software Supply Chains in 2024: Dive into the State of the Union Report

Join us for a pivotal exploration into the Software Supply Chain State of the Union 2024 report, where we dissect the complexities and challenges in delivering secure software supply chains today. This year, the data shows an unprecedented rise in CVEs and the impact of AI on development speed and security risk. Our report, fueled by insights from over 1,200 Security, Development, and Ops professionals, and analysis from the JFrog Security Research team, sheds light on these evolving dynamics and charts a path forward.

What You Will Learn:

  • Programming Language Diversity: Strategies for managing the development complexity from using multiple programming languages.
  • Vulnerability Management Insights: A closer look at why a significant portion of reported vulnerabilities may not pose a real threat and how to prioritize your security efforts.
  • AI/ML’s Role in Security: The dual-edged sword of AI/ML in software development and security, and how to leverage these technologies safely.
  • Mitigating Misconfigurations and Exposures: The critical importance of robust security protocols in preventing misconfigurations and exposed secrets.
  • Threat Landscape Overview: Insights into the shift in threat dynamics, with a special focus on the types of attacks most prevalent today.

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