With Kubernetes becoming the de-facto platform standard for companies navigating through their cloud-native journey, Helm, the package manager of Kubernetes made it easy for applications to be installed and upgraded in a repeatable way. While Helm makes it easy to get started on the cloud-native journey, there’s a need to continuously secure the cloud-native ecosystem, which became our motivation for building ChartCenter.
There is no central Helm repository that guarantees immutability and availability requirements for public Helm charts. At the same time, the number of security issues being reported is increasing at a very rapid pace. In the first 4 months of 2020, the number of new security issues disclosed was greater than the entire number of security issues reported in 2016. During this webinar, we will explain how ChartCenter can be used to secure the cloud-native ecosystem by providing public Helm charts in a repeatable way and at the same time be able to contain the spread of ever-increasing security issues.
The Agenda:
  • Basic Helm Intro

  • Pain points and risks to be aware of while adopting Helm and Kubernetes

  • How to contain these risks and address pain points using ChartCenter

  • Demo

  • Roadmap

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