Scaling Continuous Software Delivery for Edge & IoT Applications

A Webinar featuring Edge and IoT research firm Topio Networks

In theory, tools and modern delivery patterns should also work when deploying software to remote Edge locations or fleets of IoT devices. In practice, however, organizations discover new challenges and bottlenecks to delivery at scale when trying to update Edge/IoT applications. This is due to the different technical and operational tradeoffs inherent to edge computing, including network connectivity, security, scalability, and device management.

This webinar investigates the essential characteristics of software distribution and delivery patterns needed for scaling edge/IoT application deployment — enabling speed, reliability, and security at scale across mixed environments and complex network topologies.

We cover:

  • Challenges to edge and IoT software delivery at-scale
  • Key design considerations and best practices for accelerating and securing reliable application updates for edge and IoT fleets.
  • Network design implications for edge delivery.
  • What is software distribution and how does it impact delivery speed across thousands of targets?
  • Accelerating distribution of software updates for Edge and IoT

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