How a DevOps company does DevOps

At JFrog “we drink our own champagne” – meaning we use our own solutions to build the products we deliver to market. When it comes to managing development environments we wanted to not only use our own solutions, but implement the best in class approach you’d find at the likes of Google, Netflix and other leading development organizations.

In this webinar, hear from JFrog’s Sr. Director of Engineering Productivity, Noam Zilberman, as he pulls back the curtain and shares how JFrog arrived at world-class environment management, lessons learned along the way, and how the JFrog platform plays an important role in our own infrastructure. He discusses:

  • What it means to have best in class environment structure
  • How to deliver environments that are secure, guarantee uptime, and minimize FinOps footprint.
  • Issues overcome and pitfalls to avoid as you mature
  • What the JFrog development environments look like today

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