DevSecOps Essentials: Defend First, Thank Me Later

Tired of scrambling to patch vulnerabilities after release? Join us for a webinar that empowers developers to be the first line of defense in securing the software supply chain.

Join Elad Harel, a Sr. Security Solutions Engineer at JFrog and say goodbye to reactive security headaches and hello to a proactive, developer-driven approach.

What’s top of mind for this session?

  • Learn how to identify and fix vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle.
  • Discover essential tools and techniques for security testing within your development workflow.
  • Empower your developers as security champions, embedding trust and resilience in every code line.

Don’t wait for the next security breach to catch you off guard. Take control of your software supply chain with proactive security.
Don’t miss this opportunity to build a more secure future for your software!

Release Fast Or Die