Duct Tape and String: Continuously Delivering Serverless Microservices – Leon Stigter; Sascha Bates, JFrog, Slalom Build

Continuously Delivering anything is always challenging. Agile helps, DevOps helps, a solid toolset helps. But what does it really take to get your serverless to Production while maintaining the happiness and sanity of your team and business owners?

The answer is a combination of strongly held beliefs, tools and process. Join Sascha Bates (Slalom Build) and Leon Stigter (JFrog) as they walk through the beliefs, tools, and processes for continuous delivery, while focusing on:
– Serverless: Managing CI/CD pipelines without deploying to servers;
– Security: Knowing what is in your functions is important;
– Speed: Combining DevOps and Serverless lets you focus on delivery.

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