DevOps Speakeasy with Sergei Egorov @bsideup and Eli Aleyner @ealeynerat at #Devnexus 2023

April 6, 2023

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In this episode of the DevOps Speakeasy, we have a conversation with Sergei Egorov and Eli Aleyner @ealeyner. Sergei and Eli founded AtomicJar to maintain Testcontainers, the family of open-source libraries that allow developers to write and run integration tests locally, and treat them as unit tests.

Video Transcript

hey there this is Lori with jfrog and we

are at Dev Nexus at the devops Speak

Easy and I’m here with Ellie and Sergey

from Atomic jar

thank you for having us here hey Lori

thanks for having us so happy to see you

guys in person

so first of all like

Atomic jar started uh from task

continues like it was first continuous

anatomic jar dust container started in

Java and Java Community our biggest ones

so where Java is atomic jar is so for us

it’s such a no-brainer to be sponsoring

uh deaf Nexus but also B was where our

users are so here we are this is

probably one of the best conferences for

us uh talking to our to our users

talking to our customers getting to meet

lots of the community this is a great

place for us to be

so we’ve had a lot of talks about like

shifting left and security and

developers don’t like security but I

mean that is what you do right testing

tell us a little bit about how testing

early helps you later on

so the thing with uh the thing is

testing is that like there are two casts

like one loves testing because it helps

them develop better software others

haven’t seen what testing can be so they

don’t like it they think that testing

means create teams they think that

testing means something very boring very

like long running like few hours to run

the tests acceptance tests end-to-end

tests and all that and we are trying to

move as many people from the second

category to the first category to the

category of those who love testing and

it’s not the shift lab movement but here

we are but in reality we believe that

testing can be fun and we believe that

if you give developers it to the tools

they need the tools they want versus the

tools they’re forced to use then they

will actually enjoy it because it can be

fast it can be fun and it can help them

in their development process

believe that testing is a key part in

developing productivity helping

developers do better testing find bugs

earlier in the development cycle in our

mind can create 10x developers if you

think about when you think about

developer productivity and writing

better software finding bugs earlier

being able to fix them faster going

through the inner loop of development

faster is heated and having the right

tools and having the right Technologies

as part of that is very very important

that’s why Sergey and I are so

passionate about the subject this is why

we’re so excited about test containers

that’s why we’re so excited about

building Atomic yard the company so what

are some of the features that make

Atomic JAR stand out

so we talk about test continuous

obviously because you know our company

hey we’re just here to make that

contains better but uh what makes test

containers Stand Out is that it’s not a

framework it’s not a product it’s not

something big that you as a company to

migrate to it’s just a library you add

it as any other library and you’re good

to go like one line of code and you have

Kafka running one other line of code and

you have postgres running or Oracle or

db2 or anything else you can run in

Docker container and my personal take on

why test continuous I think is important

for you know for our industry is because

it makes testing accessible even to

entry load developers and 10 years ago

before test continues before Docker such

low of testing was only available to

kind of elite teams teams at Google

Netflix and other Elite companies

whereas they really knew what they’re

doing because they were so invested into

making it happen and as a developers

they were they were missing out nowadays

anyone can do such type of testing and I

think this is exciting I think we as

industry need to make sure that

modern practices are welcoming new

developers because there are so many of

them and it’s still growing

another thing just to note is that you

know lots of Technologies out there

require you to have like someone big

inside the organization to come in and

say thou shalt all adopt this technology

to realize the value this test

containers and test contains Cloud you

can you know adopt the technology at an

individual individual Team level you can

start writing testing you can start

getting value out of this approach you

know on an individual level you don’t

have a big mandate you don’t have to get

everyone to adopt in order to realize

value you can do it as an individual and

that’s super super exciting I just

realized I’m using the opportunity when

I was listing lead teams how come I

didn’t mention Ellie who was from AWS

like founding engineer at database at

AWS S3 seeing how as we’ve been tested

obviously not something that other

companies were doing in the past but

also now trying to bring more of this

experience to the rest of the world


all from Oracle so he has a talk today

or what’s his talk on he is talking

right now as we speak and he is talking

about Cloud testing with stats

continuous and local stack

um by the way we do have an announcement

related to local stack and a few other

emojis we have that we can follow after

this one but it’s currently talking

about how it can be very easy to test

your applications so even if they are

being deployed to clouds with cloud

services without even creating Cloud

accounts but like being able to test in

development while your writing code and

have instant feedback on your code

changes without having to deploy

anything anywhere

lots of people

in fact

you just mentioned

this was companies that are now stepping

up to maintain certify and support the

test continuous modules and recommend

those modules to the to the customers so

we have cockroach cockroach labs and

cockroachdb local stack neo4j uh

stream native Apache Pulsar red panda

and gigabyte who have all signed up to

be our official modules Partners a

program that we launched yesterday so it

started here it started here

that’s so awesome

plenty of other sponsors here that

should you know listen to what just

happened and we’ll see what happens in

2024 we have already since our

announcement yesterday we had four

vendors who came up to us and said that

they wanted to uh to participate that’s

awesome thank you to our vendors because

one thing is us working on test

containers as either individuals doing

it in our spare time before Atomic jar

or as a company once we start the tonic

jar but the other thing is seeing other

vendors promoting test containers is a

preferred way of doing testing and local

development with their Technologies

because we are here to help

developers run anything they need to be

productive and they are here to make you

know brilliant databases that developers

would love to use assuming they can use

them to even try them and this is a

bridge where like this is the gap we are

bridging with the launch of this program

to try uh using test containers we’d

love more people to you know start

testing and do more testing if you think

this is very very important uh we love

people to you know give our test

containers Cloud spin as well that’s which is the easiest

way to get started

okay I’ll be sure enjoy testing

thank you Lori thanks for having us

thank you