DevOps Speakeasy with Matthew D. Groves @mgroves at #Devnexus 2023

April 6, 2023

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In this episode of the DevOps Speakeasy, we talk to Matthew D. Groves, who is a guy who just loves to code. It doesn’t matter if it’s C#, jQuery or PHP: He’ll pull requests for it. He’s been coding professionally since the 90s. He wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale application for his parents’ pizza business. He currently works as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase. He spends his free time with his family, watching the Reds, and participating in the developer community. He is the author of AOP in .NET, Pro Microservices in .NET, a Pluralsight contributor, and a Microsoft MVP.

Video Transcript

oh so there we go all right here we go

okay hi everybody my name is Lori and

I’m here at the devops Speakeasy at Dev

Nexus and I am with Matthew Groves

Matthew why don’t you tell us a little

bit about yourself hi um I’m a developer

um been working at Cal space for a long

time in developer relations type of area

um but uh yeah I just love coding

basically cool so why are you at Dev

Nexus I hear you have a talk too I am uh

speaking tomorrow uh about Json data

modeling in document databases all right

give us a little bit of a like a sneak

peek about what you’re going to be

speaking about yeah well I guess I think

the key is it kind of stems out of

people asking me about data modeling

most people are used to relational data

modeling which is very prescriptive when

you get to Json though it can be a lot

more flexible so you have some decisions

to make and so this talk has just kind

of helped to guide you in the right

direction about those modeling decisions

so you’re helping make developers more

productive and efficient in the

decision-making process yeah just give a

little more confidence so that they’re

aware of what trade-offs are and what

the options are out there for modeling

what would you say is like the most

common Pitfall yeah the real challenge

with Json data modeling is when it comes

to relationships because you have a

bunch of different ways to model it but

in relational world you basically it’s

all foreign Keys all the time right with

Json you got to think about well do I

embed this data or do I keep it separate

right because with Json you can have

arrays and objects and arrays of objects

and so you have to think well should I

embed this and make one big really big

document or should I keep them separate

and just have like a key referring to

the other documents so those are options

in the Json world that you really don’t

have in the relational World well and

speaking of relationships you’re in

developer relations tell me a little bit

about your conference experience so far

well Dev Nexus is a great conference

I’ve been here

um five or six times already and the

weird thing is I’m not a Java developer

at all I have a very little job

experience some Android back in the day

but it’s such a great Community

Conference I still feel welcome here

it’s it’s a very great developer

conference I love being a Dev Nexus okay

so if

database and all of the things that

you’ve just talked about what is an easy


to get started with Json databases yeah

so I mean obviously I’d recommend Cal

space capella you can see from my

t-shirt it’s uh we’re a Json document

database with a fruit trial right now

it’s all cloud-based we also have what’s

called a playground which it doesn’t

even require a download or any sort of

uh real

integration it’s just the code right

there in your browser you can get

running it as Java examples there you

can just run right in the browser make

changes to it experiment with it is where that is cool so

what would be your one piece of advice

for someone that’s just getting started

as a developer what would be the one

thing you would tell them that as a

pitfall that they should avoid oh is it

Pitfall to avoid oh you know one of the

things I struggled with in my early days

as developer was

I I just came out of college and I

thought I knew the way to code right and

I was a little bit reticent to kind of

share code with others

but I found once I did that I kind of

over overcame that discomfort of showing

my code to others getting involved in

open source things like that and I I

started to you know with that becomes

criticism and suggestions and being able

to process that but it makes you a

better coder so don’t be afraid to show

what you’re coding to other people and

just put it out there and you’re going

to get uh very useful feedback

I love that all right well thank you so

much for joining us well thank you for


and we’re out oh that was quick