DevOps Speakeasy with Mala Gupta @eMalaGupta at #Devnexus 2023

April 6, 2023

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In this episode of DevOps Speakeasy, we talk to Mala Gupta @eMalaGupta Proud wife, Mala Gupta is a writer and Java champion. She is a Java Developer Advocate at JetBrains. She is the author of several books published by Manning, Packt and O’Reilly Publications. With over two decades of experience in the software industry, she is an international speaker at industry conferences. She is an active proponent of Java certification as a path to career advancement. She co-leads the Delhi Java User Group. A strong supporter of women in technology, she drives the initiatives of the Women Who Code Delhi chapter to increase the participation of women in technology.


Video Transcript

everyone this is Lori with jfrog and I’m

at Dev Nexus in the devops Speak Easy

booth and I’m here with someone that I

follow on Twitter but I don’t think

we’ve ever officially met this is mala

Gupta so Mala please just introduce

yourself and tell us a little bit about

what’s going on thank you first of all

it’s a pleasure to be here and as you

say if you don’t if you haven’t met

earlier but yes we do follow each other

and it’s kind of weird that we kind of

follow each other reach each other

tweets but be kind of haven’t met each

other when we see each other it’s like

oh we’ve really met before but we

haven’t so hi everyone my name is mala

Gupta I work as a developer Advocate

with jet brings and I’m a Java Champion

I’ve written a couple of books I’ve

written a couple of books she says that

like it’s not a big deal y’all that’s a

big deal what were your books about uh

they were mostly Java certifications

certifications also a big deal so you

know she’s a big deal I’m fangirling

right now it happens okay so we’re at

Dev Nexus tell me about the talks that

you’re gonna give and so this is the

first time that I’m giving two talks so

I had one talk today which I

co-presented with Chandra and tomorrow I

have another talk which is by myself and

today we talked about so this was quite

an interesting talk we talked about the

coding recipes we talked about food

Carters we talked about how to use an

IDE and how if we benefit everyone so we

really had good storytelling in the

first half of the session when we talked

about how we cook a dish and how we had

parallels drawn between the recipe

cooking of the dish and the API that we

want to understand and then we kind of

moved on to creating the coding Carter

still kind of taking parallels from the

processes and the API creating the Tada

and then solving it I’m not gonna lie

I’m kind of hungry now I’m talking a lot

about cooking and recipes so tell me

about your talk tomorrow uh yes so

tomorrow I’m talking about data

programming with the new modern features

that we have in Java because when we

talk about any new paradigm we talk

about improving the applications whether

it’s readability maintainability

performance blah blah blah so every time

we are hungry to make our applications

better in one way or the other and when

we talk about the new Java features we

have a couple of them like records at

matching seed classes which really make

it more easier for developers to focus

on data and model data as data because

what do we do when we are talking about

records we are kind of graphing the data

in a new type but how do we use that

data we unwrap it and pattern matching

is one of the ways that really helps us

to unwrap it and then use it in a very

simple way simple concise and it’s easy

on eyes has a lower cognitive load I can

keep on going and talking about it

that’s awesome

so I would like one last question if you

are new to the Java world what is one

tip that you would give someone

to start coding in Java

awesome well thank you so much Mala and

you guys look for her sessions at

devnexis and then also check out our

books if you want to get certified

thanks so much

such fun to talk with you

and we’re out yay