DevOps Speakeasy with Markus Kett @MarkusKett at #Devnexus 2023

April 6, 2023

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In this episode of DevOps Speakeasy we talked with Markus Kett @MarkusKett he and his team have been working on IDE tools for Java and database development for almost 20 years. He is the product owner of the RapidClipse IDE project, which is a free Eclipse distribution and visual Java IDE. Markus is co-founder and CEO at MicroStream, editor in chief for the free JAVAPRO magazine in Germany, and organizer of the Java conference JCON. He is an independent editor for several magazines, and speaker at many developer conferences, user groups, and meetups.

Video Transcript

everyone my name is Lori and I’m with

jfrog and we are here at Dev Nexus uh

talking with Marcus Marcus tell us who

you are and what you do hi yeah I’m

Marcus cat I’m CEO co-founder of

microstream uh it’s a

yeah a Java company we founded in 19 in

2019 in 1919 2019 uh and uh yeah

obviously we do Java develop Java

framework for soaring objects okay

yes that was your solution to making a

Java developer’s life easier

yeah absolutely it’s because

when we when we store data in Java this

is um still complicated it’s still ever


and the idea was

everything is possible in Java but we

cannot store objects so we cannot store

data in Java so we we have to use the

database system and databases of work

fundamentally different to Java and so

the idea was just to add a function to

Java that allows you to to uh store any

kind of data data super easily just with

store calling one store method and

that’s it

um yeah that feels like a function uh

like a core Java function okay so why

are you at devnexis

yeah that’s super easy because it’s a

most popular conference for Java in the

US and so this was the reason why we

decided we have to be at that Nexus and

so there are so many Java developers and

tools yeah great experience and we love

it and

my talk is about it’s all about the

future is serverless with Java okay

how’d that work

yeah it’s because

um serverless Computing is so Innovative

and popular and we can save resources

and uh yeah we only pay for what we

actually use we don’t have to care for

the infrastructure that’s great for Java

developers because actually Java was

built for yeah just

code your application and don’t care for

the for the environment it runs

everywhere uh and so with serverless uh

functions I I also

can focus on business logic writing a

Java program and uh deploying and it

runs everywhere so don’t have to care

for the cloud infrastructure everything

is uh provided by the by the cloud

provider so super easy to use

um and but when Zola’s Computing came up

then many people were confused uh that’s

this really reward with Java does it fit

this Java is it does it compete with

Java actually and we say no it’s it’s a

perfect combination

where did where did Java going in the

next five years

yeah the I think

um the new Java version coming up is uh


really everything so virtual threats uh

we’re looking forward for winter threats

because it makes life easier for Java


um we will get better performance

automatically it’s also great for micro

stream as as a company as a product as a

solution because uh yeah the the

performance of a micro stream


depends on the jbm performance the

faster jvm is the faster uh the micro

stream application is or the service so

so a combination of

microstream and virtual threads

will change a lot and we’re looking


starting out

oh you made the right decision so

congratulations to all Java developers

it’s really awesome

because we can do everything what we

like so we can create our own world we

can create our own business that’s great

so uh

try try to create open source project

run open source project run your own


um try to uh yeah convert your ideas

into new Java applications and it’s a

great programming language works great

in the cloud and uh yeah so we’re

looking forward to many new applications

and in terms of AI machine learning

there’s so many opportunities and so

many new things coming up and uh child

developers can do everything it’s

amazing I love it well thank you so much

for joining

it was my pleasure thank you for having