DevOps Speakeasy with Emily Jiang @emilyfhjiang at #Devnexus 2023

April 6, 2023

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In tIn this episode of DevOps Speakeasy we talked with Emily Jiang @emilyfhjiang Java Champion. She is Liberty Cloud Native Architect and Chief Advocate, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) in IBM, based at Hursley Lab in the UK. Emily is a MicroProfile guru and has been working on MicroProfile since 2016 and leads a number of specifications including MicroProfile Config and Fault Tolerance. She interacts with most of the other MicroProfile specifications. She is also active in Jakarta EE specifications. She is a co-lead in Jakarta Config and also a Jakarta Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) committer. At IBM, she leads the effort of implementing all of MicroProfile specifications on Open Liberty. She is passionate about MicroProfile and Jakarta EE. She regularly speaks at conferences, such as QCon, Code One, DevNexus, JAX London, Voxxed, Devoxx, EclipseCon, GeeCon, JFokus, etc.

Connect with Emily on Twitter & LinkedIn: @emilyfhjiang

Video Transcript

and we’re rolling

hey everyone this is Lori from jfrog and

I’m here at devnexis with Emily so Emily

we’re going to talk about all the things

so let’s start with your name where you

work and let’s talk about your sessions

oh yeah hey everybody uh actually I

think this year is my six years at

Diamond axis it’s one of my favorite

conference is I really love it I love

the meeting with uh like attendees other

speakers it’s really nice and Happy

Family actually it’s kind of the we had

an internal chat in IBM we we said okay

what’s special about them Nexus is

people are saying oh the people here are

so nice and I can it’s a this is great

so my session actually is I did a

holding Workshop yesterday on open

Liberty micro profanity so basically

it’s the kind of the talking about a 15

Factor application development so we had

a really nice holiday workshop and a lot

of people stayed until the end which is


that’s great and today so I have another

session at four o’clock at

each track it’s about micro profile six

and uh with the Chicago profile which is

all the latest

releases and also I’m very proud to see

Liberty uh did the release yesterday of

Liberty so

implementables the latest micro

professors eaten core profile so

hopefully I will do a yeah we’ll do a

demo this afternoon as well

also tomorrow morning I want to like say

something really dear to my heart so I

will be at the women’s IIT breakfast on

the panel to talk about the female in

idea how to help others to grow their

like a techno technical evidence and

also through their career as well so how

long have you been in Tech

that’s interesting I think more than 20

years you would never know

absolutely I love it and this is another

reason because I sometimes work I run a

club and then sometimes my husband said


working so hard all the time and the

thing is that this is really really I

love the job I don’t feel like uh yeah I

did like suffer from the hard working I

feel like at least become my hobby so I

just feel I can’t help but oh I need to

fix that I need to like do more on this

this type of things and Etc I enjoyed

that very much so why do you focus on

Jakarta ee what about it just like gets

you going oh yeah I think it’s I focus

on open source Community like micro


I have been working on the macro profile

from the beginning it’s a kind of more

than six years I feel like it’s really

annoys the family so basically it’s the

open source Community is not all from

other people or from different companies

in the videos some people invest their

own personal life a personal time so

he’s a work on the kind of

open source initial table and also this

is standard I just really feel this is

the right thing to do because the world

is open we need to do not reinvent the

wheels we come together and share the

same like a problem and then work

together build like a web solid solution

for us all so we don’t need to learn the

similar things over and over again this

is a we stick on one standard and the

things kind of gets down and people

don’t have too many things to learn yeah

I think that’s what makes open source so

special is that it is vendor neutral

there are companies like IBM jfrog other

huge organizations that pay developers

to work collaboratively together with

people that might be like competitors in

the real world but to your point is

we’re solving a common solution and

we’re moving the industry forward in a

way where there’s a standard and

everybody moves everything in the right

in the right way together yeah

absolutely so this is the kind of the

you know now the world is smaller and

you know every day they come to merge

and also other companies buy another

company right and the world is a hybrid

so if you like uh we have a standard and

application use the same standard it’s

fine it’s deployed to one random other

than that different different terms you

can still communicate to the developers

you know like employees it’s fine yeah

all I have used before still applicable

to the like after the company merge it’s

just a different thing it’s a

configuration and the application side

is still the same have you seen a lot of

changes recently in working in open

source with the pandemic to no more

pandemic like did was there an influx of

developers working together or did it

get less like what did you see oh yeah

this is a great question when the

pandemic hit is the old it rang into a

panic mode actually is a Visa pandemic

because the open source collaboration

most of the time is removed right

especially because it’s all from the

different company at different times

soon is it either not in effect that

much the only thing is like the the

conferences so in person conferences so

this is where I can meet our meet up

with other like open source look almost

like a colleagues at a conference like

we have a detailed face-to-face chat and

then build up relationships and then

make us working on a future like the

collaboration you more efficient I think

this is the pandemic didn’t affect a lot

of Open Source like a collaboration

however it did affect the personal

interactions even you know it’s Lorry

like if we meet a face-to-face we can

have a lot of corridor chat it’s like

all together everything and sometimes

the channel

that with a subject you would not think

okay I need to book a meeting with

Laurie I’ll talk about this this sounds

ridiculous sometimes however Corridor

chat and sometimes they can generate a

really really nice ideas yeah so that’s

better I think the pandemic um yeah hate

yeah so come back to conferences because

hallway chats Corridor chats are where

they’re at so okay you have one piece of

advice what would you give someone

that’s just starting out in Tech

you remember we are all kind of a same

Community it’s like everybody I I know I

met so many so many people all the

people I met really willing to help so

don’t get stuck ask for help and then

once you give skills help others so that

will bring the community smaller and

build a efficient community so ask

questions and Pay It Forward yes I love


so thank you for being with us today

thank you Dev Nexus for hosting us

hallway tracks go back to conferences

and check out Emily’s stuff with

breakfast tomorrow thanks guys yeah

thank you